Mastering Instagram Story Insights: Data-Driven Content Strategy Guide

Welcome to the hottest shindig on Instagram! 🎉 In the ever-raging party of social media, keeping up with trends is a must. Instagram Stories are still where most of the sales action is happening on the Gram today, and they have a secret sauce I’m going to share with you – Instagram Story Insights! 

Story Insights 101

First off, what are Instagram Story Insights? They’re like your backstage pass to the ultimate performance data. Unveiling who’s joining your party, how they’re shaking it on the floor, and what gets the party popping for your crowd!  If you know what makes them tick, you can give them more of it and, in turn, increase your engagement!

How to Sneak Backstage: Accessing Instagram Story Insights! 🕺

Hit the Instagram app and strut your way to your home page.

Click on your profile picture that contains your current Stories.

Swipe up on the Story you want to analyse and get ready to rock with your Story Insights – your party’s backstage pass!

Alternatively, dance over to your profile and click on “professional dashboard”, tap on “content you shared” and change the wee drop down to just show Stories. 

Screenshot of Instagram Story Insights screen

instagram Metrics to Keep You Grooving!

Impressions: How many times your Story has been viewed.

Reach: How many people have viewed your Stories. 

Replies: Who’s in the mood for a chat? 🎤

Taps Forward and Back: Who’s rewinding for an encore?

Exits: Who’s leaving the party too soon?

Link Clicks: Who’s clicking through your party invites?

Shares: Who’s inviting their friends to the party?

tips for success

Feel the Crowd: Tune in to your audience’s rhythm by analysing your story insights. Customise your playlist, uh, I mean content, to match their style.
Hit the Dance Floor at the Right Time: Know when the beat drops and post your stories when your audience is online for maximum visibility!
Experiment and Remix: Mix up your content, try new moves and groove with different storytelling techniques. Track what pumps up your audience and fine-tune your moves accordingly.
Crowd Interaction is Key: Interact with the replies and comments – it’s like mingling with your guests! Build connections and get the party vibes going.
Share the Jam: If you see a hit track (Story) that gets everyone moving and grooving, keep spinning it! Sharing is caring, and it extends your party’s reach!

I always check my Story Insights each night to see what has hit home and what has been a flop.  You want to lather, rinse, repeat on the smash hits and tweak and test the flops.

How often do you check your interactions on Stories?


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