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I'm rubbish at Instagram

That’s it, stop the music! Let me start by saying that you are most certainly not rubbish at Instagram; you just need a little direction. I’m here to give you all the tools required to ensure your customers and clients RSVP “YES” every time.

If you feel overwhelmed, trapped by imposter syndrome or generally terrified to show up, I have the perfect recipe to take you from “I can’t” to “hell yes, I can”. So whether you’re just starting your IG journey, turning a hobby into a business, or maybe you’re ready to utilise social media to help you and your family achieve the life you dreamed of, I’ve got the package for you.

A peek into my Party Packages

The Life and Soul (the essentials)

(dusting off the chairs and looking out the bunting pre-party)

  • Make your ideal clients feel at ease on your profile (target audience)
  • Maximise your message with a kick ass profile & highlights
  • Stop the scroll with epic copy, stunning pics and consistent branding
  • Understanding the Rules of Instagram (the algorithms)
  • Reach for the starts with Reach tools (hashtags and the like!)
  • Which type of post has the superpower you need
  • Introduction to insights – not sexy, but super useful!
  • Creating a simple, living Strategy to reach your goals

£160 for 4 x 1 hour Zoom Calls including handouts/tutorials where required

The Hostess With The Most-est (good to know!)

(the invites are out, you know what you’re serving, let’s make it unforgettable)

  • Establish and utilise your USP, e.g. what you bring to the party
  • Onboard clients with my proven sales funnel
  • Ditch the small talk with perfectly structured posts
  • Using Instagram Stories to tell your story…and that of your customers
  • Batch content and how to make your socials work for you
  • Get confident with Reels (pssst, you don’t have to dance!)
  • Q&A
£160 for 4 x 1 hour Zoom Calls including handouts/tutorials where required

The Party Planner

(a monthly Zoom call to plan your content)

  • A monthly call to look at your ideal strategy for the coming weeks
  • We will look at your Insights from the previous month
  • Consider upcoming events/dates
  • Align your content with your goals
  • Create a binge-worthy mix of posts
  • You will come away with the month planned out – bullet points for each post along with the type of content you will make; ready for you to create & schedule!

£120 per quarter, 1 hour Zoom call per month


…..coming soon!!!!

Watch this space for more info


Each package can be fully personalised to ensure you leave with the perfect party bag packed full of knowledge.

So, that's what I bring to the party; all I need is you to arrive with a can-do attitude and the want to turn your dreams into reality. Ready?!