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Hey party people, I'm Jo

Helping overwhelmed and under confident entrepreneurs build an epic online presence is my jam (scone with cream on the side, please).

You and I both know that life is about more than the 9-to-5 corporate grind. It’s about living the life you dream of, whether that be something as simple as getting home in time to pick your kids up from school or something huge like putting an offer on your family’s dream home.

Well, my lovely, it’s time to RSVP to your perfect lifestyle because I’m going to help you use the power of Instagram (that’s right, a FREE online tool) to turn your dream into a reality.

Jo with Rebecca from The Roasting Project Coffee House in Burntisland

Before we get started

Welcome to my world. I’m a work hard, play hard, goal-driven coach who’s passionate about everything social … I’m also a little nuts, in the best possible way!

I loved my time climbing the ladder for big-ballin’ companies in my early career, but for me, the icing on the cake has always been nurturing others and helping them shine in their own unique way. And you know what? I’m pretty damn good at it.

I looked after 220 staff across six offices during my corporate finale, but life took a slightly different turn when I gave birth to my two gorgeous daughters. I wanted to mould my career to suit my life rather than fit my family around my job. So, I ditched meetings and conference calls favouring the teddy bear’s picnic in my new role as a stay at home mum.

One summer holiday, my feet kicked up on a sun lounger somewhere along the coast of Crete, as I watched my girls construct a particularly spectacular sand castle, my feeling of tranquillity suddenly left me. What the heck was I going to do when they went to school? I was not a lady who happily lunches; I had a hell of a lot still to bring to the party, and I certainly wasn’t ready to hang up my dancing shoes.

And so, after some soul searching, Bring To The Party was born.

The recipe for success

I help you recognise and nurture your unique selling superpower (your signature dish, if you will) and create a money-making-business-growing Instagram strategy to ensure you find the perfect work-life balance.

Blowing up balloons in an empty room, hoping the right people show up, isn’t much fun, and this method doesn’t work when it comes to onboarding clients. So instead, I help my clients get out there and engage with their tribe; because of that, they start seeing life-changing results from day one.

My tried and tested social media strategies have helped countless business owners say “goodbye” to imposter syndrome and scale their start-ups from a hobby or side hustle to a fully-formed, mortgage-paying, family-supporting business that operates around the school run. Sounds good, right?

When I’m not creating sell-out IG strategies for my gorgeous clients, you’ll likely find us sizzling gourmet burgers on the BBQ. We take pride in creating a feast fit for a king (or maybe just the neighbours) simply by shopping on our local high street.

Here in Burntisland, we have a wealth of incredible businesses, including an artisan bakery, a butcher, an ice cream parlour, a fishmonger and an award-winning greengrocer, to name a few. When I walk down that street, tote bag at the ready, I am so proud to have worked with so many of these epic businesses, truly helping our local community to thrive in the modern world. *pops Prosecco*

Kaiza from Simplify Your Closet Simplify Your Closet, a sustainable stylist, boosted her online presence and sold out her calendar spaces with help from Bring to the Party. Kaiza grew to over 1,000 IG followers in just four months and regularly generates 80% of her impressions directly from her hashtags.

With my help, Tom aka. The Burntisland Butcher grew his Facebook engagement by 200% in the first month, which significantly improved the footfall in his shop. The result was a boom in sales and negated the need for traditional advertising, saving him a whopping £15,000 every year.

Thanks to Bring To The Party,  Mona Love Travel gained over 3,000 followers on Instagram in just four weeks and has since gained a massive following of 10,5K. She is now well on her way to achieving Influencer status. Next step, a blue tick?

I helped the lovely Louise at Michael’s Story double her turnover in just six months by reviewing and improving her processes to track communication with clients via social media and email. This rise in revenue has allowed Louise to spread her message further and literally save lives. I think she might actually be Wonder Woman?!

Are you ready to thrive with the perfect work/life balance and a happy heart?