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August 2022

We’re nearing the end of summer, how on earth did that happen?!  I hope you’ve all managed to get a breath as I know his is “busy season” for many of your.   

Please take a look at the Live Shows below and add the dates to your calendar of those you can make.  The Zoom link is on the bottom of the document.  If you can’t make them live, don’t worry, I will upload them to the FB Group afterwards. 


I’d like you to start thinking/talking about Christmas, planning your Q4 content and thinking ahead to how you can make the crazy time work better next year in terms of social if this year has been hard. 

Any questions, please just shout. 

Jo x


Prompts for august

Who can’t be bothered creating content this month?  Never mind, here’s 30 prompts for you to save those brain cells!

Click on the button below to download 30 prompts for you to use – no brain power required!  Remember to check out the Box Mix Recipe (which you will find along with some other helpful information in the Knowledge Bar!). 

If you struggle to find time to plan your content, why not join the Co-Content Planning session on the 16th of August at 10am?

We will have an hour pencilled in to the calendar and you can brainstorm your ideas (or use your prompts!), you can ask for some opinions on ideas or look for suggestions AND you can even get some ideas from listening to folks from other industries.  

Most post types are transferrable between sectors, so what works for one sector can be tweaked to make it suit another industry!

reels challenge

So many of you loathe the idea of doing Reels, but I would encourage you to give them a bash. Even now and then to begin with. 

The good folks of Instagram have said it again and again – the algorithm favours Reels.  Specifically original content. And they are now making more and more of the remainder of the platform more like Reel too….so they are here to stay!

Now I get it, for most of you, time is scarce.  Original content takes a LOT of time to conceptualise and create…so it’s not always possible.

That’s where trends come in to play.  The only time it’s ok to “copy” someone else’s idea…but you should always try and put your own spin on things (and you DEFINATELY want to ensure it will sit well with your ideal customer. 

To make things super easy for you, we’re going to have a weekly Reels Challenge. There will be 3 Reels for you to choose from, or you can do all three.  

You can download the cheat sheet below which will have a link to an example and instructions on how to create.  There will be a weekly post about the challenge in the group so if you can’t figure out how to make your chosen Reel work for you, just ask and I will try my best to help!

If you use the hashtag #thepartyelevator, I will share some of my favourites to give you some free advertising!