October Instagram Updates

Jo looking excited about the October Instagram updates
Jo looking excited about the October Instagram updates

Are you EXCITED!!! You can bet your ass I am…

Who’s ready to learn about some the Instagram October Updates?  I’ve been using Instagram since 2012 and this month has seen me more GIDDY than EVER BEFORE.  So time to buckle up and get ready for a LOT of all CAPS typing and squillions of exclamation marks while I share some of them along with my predictions.
IGTV logo - Instagram updates the name to Video


IGTV is dead! Well, sort of.  The first update of the month was when Instagram decided to kill off IGTV and launch Instagram Video.  The tab icon has been changed and now ALL video has a shortcut in your profile.  So whether you’ve saved a live, recorded a 30 min video or shot a Boomerang for your grid, it will be saved in here.

It is fully immersive like Reels (so fills your screen).  Everyone can now share up to 60 minutes of content (watch out YouTube!!). Filters and tagging are all available.  And, most importantly, you can still share a 60 second preview in your grid if you’d like too. 


Not the most exciting Instagram October Update but I think this could give people a little nudge into creating more video content. This is the content Instagram want us to be focussing on after all. (if you struggle with planning your content, check out this post!). 

Outage reports & Account Status

After a massive outage in October, Instagram is now testing (in the US) an in app outage notification – we shall see what happens with this one. Could be super handy. 

There is now also an Account Status section in settings.  This will show any violations registered to your accounts and any appeals you are eligible to make.  But let’s face it, they will probably be ignored.  Good old Insta!

IG Live Scheduling & Practice

Instagram have now given us the opportunity to schedule a Live which I LOVE!!! So many people say they will do a Live then bottle out of it.  By committing to doing your Live using this new tool, you have to step up and take responsibility as your audience have most likely switched on a notification to watch.  You can’t let them down, now can you?!

Instagram updates - new live scheduling

You can add a Title and a Start Time and your audience will be able to tap a sticker for a notification.  You can also share this as a post to your Grid. You can line up more than one at a time and you can view/edit your schedule too. 

No one wants to look like an idiot with bad sound or a poor connection, so we can now also do a “practice” Live to check everything is working as it should before hitting that button!  This will be a godsend for Live Rooms so you can all get together before hitting GO LIVE!!


I love this tool, one of my favourite Instagram October Updates.  It will give accountability and will increase viewer numbers.  I used this tool last week and my views were up over 50% than on an average mid-week Live for me. 

Instagram updates - new collab feature


As of mid-October, we can now co-author Posts & Reels.

If you do a joint post with a peer/supplier you can tag them in the post.  Once they have accepted the collab, it will be shown in both feeds.

The Likes and Comments will be displayed across both accounts, but as of just now, the Insights are not available to person who didn’t post it.  Hopefully this will change. 


I hope that this will encourage folks to think more about collaborations.  These really are a great way of enhancing your visibility and getting in front of a duplicate ready made audience. 

Less exciting bits

I have one final AWESOME update to share, but will save that for the end.  The rest of them are just not that exciting, so here’s a brief rundown.

Break nudges are being trialled.  Instagram trying to do their bit for mental health. They will no doubt be ignored. 

Most accounts can now publish from the desktop app.  I can’t see why everyone is getting so excited by this as it’s been available on Business Suite for goodness knows how long.  Yawn. 

New Insights metrics have been added.  Before you get excited, they really aren’t very WOOHOO.  You can now breakdown the demographic of those who viewed your posts – whether they follow you or not.  You can view demo info on who engaged with your posts – whether they follow you or not. Finally, accounts engaged.  You can now view how many accounts engaged with your posts over a period of time.  See? Meh.

The overarching company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (and a million other businesses!) has now changed its name to Meta.  How very Meta. Next!

They have also confirmed they are testing Branded Content Partnerships, 60 seconds clips for Stories and the Music tab for Creators. If you’d like to hear about any of the “leaked” features that may be coming too, let me know in the comments and I’ll share those next!

The EXCITING one!!!!!

But now, the one we’ve ALL been waiting for!!!!  

Swipe up is gone and the holy grail of reaching 10k is now just an utterly pointless vanity exercise.  NOW, thanks to last week’s update, we ALL have a link sticker!!!!  (Sings “Ceeeeeelebrate good times, come on!! Doo doo do do do doroo doo doo, wahooo!”)

So now, we have a link in our profile (they are also testing sharing more than one link, shhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!) AND we can share multiple links through our Stories.  About bloody time Instagram!


People are going to go nuts with this and share a bajillion links, especially on the lead up to Christmas. 

My advice would be to use it wisely and DO NOT over use it.  Give a little build up, set the scene then share to get biggest bang for your buck.

I am going to do a whole blog post on this one feature as it really is a game changer and I can see so many uses for it!

In summary

What a MONTH!!!!!  I have never seen so many big updates come so quickly, it’s staggering.  And if the leaks I’ve seen are to be believed, there are SO many more coming.

Are you managing to keep up with all of the comings and goings on the platform?


PS – I apologise for the overuse of both the exclamation mark and fully uppercase words.  I hope you can forgive me. 

PPS: If you’d like to talk about how you could utilise any of these updates in YOUR amazing business, why not book in a 1:1 and we can hatch a plan?

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2 thoughts on “October Instagram Updates

  1. Great blog Jo, thank you for sharing!

    I don’t seem to have the new video sign on my profile, what could be the reason?
    I have updated the Instagram, I think that anyway.

    1. Hey Aska,glad you enjoyed!
      It will just be due to updates. They roll them out at different times for all users so you most likely just don’t have the most up to date version.
      If you still don’t have it today (and you don’t have draft Reels!), force another update and you’ll most likely get it.
      If not, it’s just a waiting game I’m afraid!

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