Instagram Updates May 2022

Want to know the latest Instagram updates for May?

May 2022 has seen some more staggering updates on Instagram.  Read on for more!


New image/video size

It’s being tested just now but it sure as heck looks like this one is coming.

I’ve seen leaked images of a new grid size (RIP squares ) and with the platform turning more into a Tiktok clone I’ll eat my hat if this one doesn’t come to fruition.

New size will be 9 x 16 so a “fully immersive” experience like Reels.

This could be a good thing. You will have their FULL attention so maybe better for engagement.

Con: Templates will all need updating and could this be another engagement killer if folks just want to scrool like on Reels? We shall see…


product tagging now available to all

So far, this has only been rolled out in the US.  It will come though!  Allowing everyone to be able to tag products in their feeds which Instagram thinks will be great for Creators. 

Enhanced people tags

You can now choose a category for when you’re tagged in a photo or video.  This Instagram update will  ensure you are seen by the world as you would like to be seen.  

ranking change

This one focusses on originality.  Instagram wants to promote those who create original content as opposed to resharing.  So get those creative juices flowing to ensure you get the best reach possible!  And remember when if you decide to create ANOTHER lip sync Reel (this comment is for me, lol!).

Lady holding a mobile phone with Instagram screen. Laptop in the background.

post pin feature

Another Tiktok clone that Instagram reckon will help Creators/businesses control the aesthetic of their feed is the pin feature.  Currently being tested is the ability to pin a post, or posts, to the top of the page.  The ability to reorder your grid could also be coming soon too. 

90 seconds Reels 

shockingly, another one that will mean Instagram becomes more like tiktok.  users will now be able to create reels of up to 90 seconds.  when reels launched we could only have 15 seconds, so this is a massive jump.  tiktok, however, is now up to 10 minutes!!! for me, this is a massive swerve away from what Tiktok was all about in the beginning and is leaning more towards long form educational content like youtube.  guessing instagram will just keep increasing this to keep up.

In summary

Not a very exciting month for me!  Some nice little changes but pretty uninteresting over all. 

Party on, 

Jo 🎉


PS – I apologise for the overuse of both the exclamation mark and fully uppercase words.  I hope you can forgive me. 

PPS: If you’d like to talk about how you could utilise any of these updates in YOUR amazing business, why not book in a 1:1 and we can hatch a plan?

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