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Introduction to collaborations

All these years we’ve been calling it “networking,” when what we really meant was “collaborating.” Networking has always sounded like a terrible, forced thing that you do at events where you are surrounded by people who also hate being there. Collaborating is a way to work with others in your industry to create content, share resources, and support each other – and it’s great for business. If this sounds good to you, then grab your notebook and let’s dive into the world of collaborations with my guest expert, The Wedding guru Oskar!

What is collaboration?

A collaboration is a relationship between two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. Sounds serious, right?

It’s not, and it can be a LOT of fun. It’s about working together for the greater good.

Collaborating is sharing resources and skills, so that everyone grows their business in new and exciting ways, and you never know what will come from it!

why do collaborations?

Collaborations are a win-win. They help you, the business owner, reach a broader audience and make more connections. And guess what? Your collaborator is also getting some benefits from working with you! Collaborations can be mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Collaborations help your business reach a wider audience and make more connections and here are some of Oskar’s favourite reasons for collaborations:

  • Support and connections – being a small business owner can be stressful, lonely and sometimes even scary, right?!  Having a network of business buddies can help with ensuring your mental health stays in tip top condition and oftentimes, the solutions you need have already been found by someone else. Why recreate the wheel?

  • Knowledge exchange – we all have had different careers, upbringings and life experiences; so our outlooks and knowledge are all different too. Being able to bounce an idea off of a friend in a similar industry is great for that relevant experience, but often if you can reach out to others in different industries and get a totally different outlook. 

  • Sharing audiences – when you do a Live, a Collab post or other offline collaboration – the goal is to share audiences (more about that below).  You and your expertise are thrust in front of new eyes and guess what…if they like you, hello new followers!!!

  • Cost saving or freebies – if you collaborate you can often reduce or remove costs.  Oskar has done several photoshoots with other vendors.  The venue, stylist, celebrant, makeup artist and florist all put their offerings in the mix and the photographer will take some photos.  Everyone gets access to the pics to use for their social media and now everyone has something legit to talk about on their feeds!

  • Helping each other with SEO – when done right, collaborations can boost both businesses’ search engine rankings by building links to content on both sites. This helps increase traffic to both websites over time as well as build authority among their respective target markets for continued organic growth. 

  • Referrals – the more people who know, like and trust you the better!  If people have used your service, seen you in action or heard about how amazing you are, the more likely they are to recommend you to a client or friend.  Referrals will be the backbone of much of your business…and they are free.  Team win, yay!!

how do I find the right collaborations?

  • Think about your target audience – who else shares that same audience?

  • Competitors will share your ideal customers, but you also run the risk of losing your own to them.  Is that chance worth it?! (sometimes, yes!!)

  • Don’t get hung up on numbers – engagement rates are a much better indicator of who you could team up with.  Someone with 300 followers could be a better option than someone with 30k!

  • What are your goals? Make more sales of your product (do more product collaborations), get more followers (appear as an expert on a Live Room), get more engagement (do a collab post with a super popular page) etc. 

  • There is no point doing a collaboration with someone who does not share your ideal customers…you will just be wasting your time. 

what do you bring to the party?

Think about why someone would want to collaborate with you, especially if your audience is on the smaller side.  Ensure they know how super engaged your audience are, how they may be small but they are mighty and how you have an amazing strategy in place to ensure your growth continues.  Tell them about your email newsletter list where you will share your post, talk about all the networking events that you attend and how many personal Facebook friends you have…it’s sales pitch time!

how can you do collaborations on Instagram?

Instagram is an AMAZING platform for carrying out collaborations.  There are lots of ways you can pull this off:

  1. A Live Room – this is where you do a Live and invite guests you join you; you can have up to three.  This was the Live is broadcast to ALL of your audiences simultaneously. 
  2. A Collab Post – something great to come out of Instagram recently! When you create your Post or Reel, you can invite a collaborator under the tag menu.  Once they accept the collaboration, they can share the same post to their feed.  If they do, they’ll be shown as an author on the post and the engagement will be shown in both places. 
  3. You can tag users in either the caption (which will give them a notification in their love list) or in the image (which will appear in their Tagged Grid). These are the most simplistic ways to collab. 

Similarly, if you have a product based business you can also do product collabs. You could team up with other product based businesses to create a hamper or gift box, work together with a service based business as a gift for their customers or work alongside a subscription based biz as an addition/upgrade on their usual service.  Again, sharing audiences but also increase sales!


So there you have it, how to help grow your business by using the power of Instagram…and some other amazing collab information too. 

Have you ever done a collab in your business?  If you’d like to do one but don’t know where to start – just drop me a DM on Instagram @bringtotheparty and I’ll try to help you. 

A huge thank you to Oskar for being the Guest Expert in The Party Elevator today and for sharing his wisdom and expertise.  Please check out his website if you are in the market for a wedding expert, whether that be a wedding planner, wedding celebrant or business consultant – Oskar’s your fella!

Party on, 


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